Agricultural Producer Vendor Application

Agricultural Producer Vendor application

Agricultural producer vendors include: 

  • produce that has been grown on the producer’s land (including leased land),

  • meat/eggs/processed meat products from animals raised on the producers’ land (including leased land) & are processed at a USDA-inspected facility

  • products such as cheese, yogurt, or honey sourced from animals raised on the producers' land (including leased land)


  • Produce Farmers/Beekeepers: Producers vending only uncut fruits and vegetables do not need to obtain any permits in order to sell at GOFM. There is currently no permitting required of beekeepers, although beekeepers must allow a site visit to at least one of their beeyards.

  • Ranchers: Frozen meats require a Galveston County Health District "Potentially Hazardous Foods Permit" and must be processed and packaged at permitted facilities. They must be labeled and must meet Texas Food Establishment Rules (TFER) for time kept hot or cold as required.

  • Eggs only: Require the same Galveston County Health District "Potentially Hazardous Foods Permit" and cartons must be labeled with the producer’s name, address and the word "ungraded." Eggs must be kept cooled at 45 degrees or less.

  • If an agricultural producer wishes to also vend value-added items or prepared foods or artisan goods, they must fill out an additional application and obtain the relevant permitting where necessary. If an agricultural producer wishes to sell soap or yarn in addition to their food products, they are asked to fill out the Non-food Artisan Vendor application


Please ensure you have read all the information above & the Market Rules before completing your application and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Market Rules can be found here.

Hold Harmless Agreement can be found here.

In your application, you must be as transparent and detailed as possible about your operation's methods, ingredients and philosophy. We value honesty and a commitment to local, sustainable systems and preference is always given to organic (uncertified or certified) operations. GOFM conducts site visits to all agricultural producer operations. The vetting of applications is conducted by the entire Board of Directors at our monthly Board meetings, and depending on when you submit your application it may take up to 1 month to receive a final response.

My better half and I made the trip from the Baybrook area today, and it was more than worth it. If you have quailty in mind, just chat with some of the vendors and they’ll meet and maybe exceed your want and needs. Everyone we spoke with provided insight on their ethics and practices, which was reassuring and uplifting. We’re already looking forward to going back.
— Jared Roberts, facebook review, March 11, 2018