GOFM's Backyard Growers' Cooperative


Local gardeners have long asked us for a way to offer their excess seasonal produce. We’re excited to announce our newest initiative - the GOFM Backyard Growers’ Cooperative (GBGC) - where every grower in the area can be involved at Galveston’s Own Farmers Market!

The primary intention behind this new program is to provide a low-cost entrance into our established marketplace for backyard gardeners of all ages who have occasional abundance they want to share (and make a little bonus money!)

GBGC Members may only sell fruits, vegetables or flowers. GOFM will provide the tent & tables, we simply ask that you follow our Market Rules!

In order to sell with the GBGC, gardeners must:

  1. read & sign the GBGC Member Agreement. (it is a fillable pdf doc)

    • either print, sign & bring to market in-person, OR

    • fill out the pdf online, download & email to GBGC Team Captain (hercylawsnot7@gmail.com)

  2. become a member by paying a nominal annual fee (which helps GOFM cover the cost of liability insurance & market equipment):

    • $15 annual fee for “Kitchen Garden” gardeners with Seeding Galveston or gardeners working in a garden run by a non-profit organization

    • $30 annual fee for all other backyard gardeners

    • Your payment will be made in-person at your first market appearance.

  3. read GOFM’s Market Rules

  4. sign our Hold Harmless agreement (at the bottom of our ‘Become a Vendor’ webpage)

  5. pay a $5 table fee on the days they sell

  6. agree to email the Team Captain, Cheryl Watson, before end-of-day Wednesday on the weeks you intend to sell at Thursday or Sunday market

Have questions?

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Galveston’s Own Farmers Market’s mission is to build and sustain a local food community through a vibrant, producers-only marketplace, improved food access, and educational programming. The creation of our Cooperative is aligned with our dedication to increasing accessibility and knowledge of fresh, local foods. GOFM’s Board of Directors & the entire GOFM community are delighted to welcome you as a member of the Backyard Growers’ Cooperative.