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GOFM offers monthly classes all over Galveston County. Some classes are open to the public while others are for specific groups like WIC clients or the Boys & Girls Club.

September 17, 2019: Learn to Cook! (a monthly series)

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Learn to Cook Promo.png

September 17, 2019: Learn to Cook! (a monthly series)


WHEN: September 17, 12pm-1:00pm

WHERE: Galveston Island WIC Clinic, 4700 Broadway

WHAT: Students eat a fresh delicious meal for lunch and gain versatile cooking knowledge! RESERVE YOUR SPACE BELOW OR CALL THE GALVESTON ISLAND WIC CLINIC AT(409) 949-3471. Children & babies are welcome. :)————————————————————————————————————————————————

GOFM hosts a FREE cooking class for WIC clients & the public every 3rd Tuesday at local WIC clinic locations. Note: These classes are designed around foods gained through the average monthly WIC benefits but are applicable to all home cooks on a budget. These classes also often take place during the “Mother’s Milk” Breastfeeding Clubs at the WIC clinics; we encourage you join us only if you are comfortable around babies, parents and breastfeeding. :)

Classes focus on developing basic cooking skills, increasing nutrition knowledge and maximizing flavor in your diet with a small budget & good health in mind.

The class location rotates between the Texas City and Galveston Island clinics. If you have further questions, please reach out to GOFM Executive Director Casey McAuliffe at

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