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GOFM offers monthly classes all over Galveston County. Some classes are open to the public while others are for specific groups like WIC clients or the Boys & Girls Club.

March 29, 2019: Spring Stirfry!

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March 29, 2019: Spring Stirfry!


Chef Paul Mendoza of Galveston College Culinary Academy shares his expertise in this spring-themed class. We'll spend time perfecting knife skills with lots of chopping and slicing as we prepare a simple & delicious locally-inspired meal, all within a reasonable budget. This month is perfect for a stirfry, when sugarsnaps, carrots, bok choy and beyond are all in season! Students will take home new recipes, eat a menu of delicious dishes & share a laid-back time with food-loving folks.

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Topic: Hospitality Culinary
Course: GCCU 1004.1900
Course Name: Community Cooking.

* March 29th, 2019 (Friday)


*Adults only

*Class held at Galveston College Culinary Academy kitchen

Our classes are made possible through generous funding from Moody Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund, The Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund, The First Presbyterian Outreach Fund & support from our GOFM community of customers and friends. It is our Community Partners and tremendous supporters who enable us to host for these free & low-cost classes designed to bring people more connection to their health and one another through the power of good food.

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