SNAP & Fresh Bucks

We proudly welcome SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) customers to Galveston's Own Farmers' Market. 

SNAP & Fresh bucks

Since March 2014, GOFM has proudly accepted SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program--formerly known as food stamps) benefits at our markets. 

Galveston's Own Farmers' Market believes everyone deserves a connection to their food system & local agriculture, to become an integral part of their community & to feed their families fresh, wholesome & delicious foods.

To further benefit our SNAP customers, GOFM increases our customers' spending budget for fresh produce through our Fresh Bucks program. 


  1. A SNAP customer comes to market and finds the GOFM Information Booth.
  2. They tell the GOFM staff member how much they want to spend of their SNAP benefits. 
  3. Their Lone Star card is swiped & the designated funds deducted. They receive tickets that act as dollars, to be spent wherever they choose at market on eligible SNAP items. 
  4. GOFM matches those SNAP benefits with up to $15 more in Fresh Bucks. These funds are represented as blue tickets, and they are used for buying fresh vegetables and fruits only.
  5. SNAP tickets and the SNAP matching tickets never expire, may be spent on subsequent marketdays or at another GOFM location, and customers may continue to obtain Fresh Bucks at GOFM locations week after week.

Example 1: The customer wishes to spend $12 of her SNAP benefits at market. GOFM matches that with an additional $12 for produce, giving the customer $24 total for buying local foods at market!

Example 2: The customer spends $30 of his SNAP benefits at market. GOFM matches that with our maximum of $15, giving the customer $45 total!

We believe this program to be an innovative and direct way of addressing poverty and health in our community. By giving customers the power to provide better food for their families, SNAP Double Dollars works to create a more diverse market, encourage better health and invest in our local farm economy.

Current funding for GOFM's Fresh bucks is provided by:

The Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund, First Presbyterian Church of Galveston, Moody Methodist Church Private Endowment Fund, private donations, OkraFest and other fundraising efforts by GOFM

Donate to SNAP programming

The Fresh Bucks program operates differently than federally-managed SNAP benefits--it is entirely funded by money donated by the community and from our own coffers. If you'd like to learn more, visit our DONATE page or click the button above.