Value Added Foods Vendor Application

VALUE ADDED FOODS Vendor application

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Value Added foods include products that have changed the form, flavor, blend and/or the substance of raw products. Products should use organic ingredients when available and as many market products as possible & reasonable, with preference given to those vendors who use local products. The certified kitchen utilized must be located within 150 miles of the market attended. Vendors offering products covered under the Texas Cottage Food Law are classified as Value-Added Foods vendors.

Products to be sold must be presented for sampling and inspection of labeling before acceptance into GOFM. The Executive Director will request these samples from you-- please do not drop off before invited to do so.


All Value-Added Foods Vendors must provide proof of the following:


These vendors must indicate on product labels this statement: This product is not inspected by any state of Texas or local health department. Please take care to confirm that your product(s) are specifically listed under Texas Cottage Food Law, thus exempting the use of a certified kitchen. If said products are not listed, applicants must acquire all relevant permitting.

*As of September 1st, 2019, changes were made to the Texas Cottage Food Law. Before submitting any applications for cottage foods products, please read through this updated fact sheet.


All food items must be clearly labeled according to Texas law and include:

  • Contact information: address, phone number and/or email address

  • Common name of product

  • List of ingredients by weight

  • The eight major food allergens

  • Please read Texas labeling laws here for details


Please ensure you have read all the information above & the Market Rules before completing your application and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Market Rules can be found here.

Hold Harmless Agreement can be found here.

In your application, you must be as transparent and detailed as possible abo ut your operation's methods, ingredients and philosophy. We value honesty and a commitment to local, sustainable systems and preference is always given to organic (uncertified or certified) operations. The vetting of applications is conducted by the entire Board of Directors at our monthly Board meetings, and depending on when you submit your application it may take up to 1 month to receive a final response.

... I really enjoyed talking to the vendors. All were friendly and passionate about the products they were selling. Bought locally roasted coffee, herbal teas and sour dough bread. We’ll go back and be a regular customer!
— Beverly Denver, facebook review,September 4, 2017