Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Galveston's Own Farmers' Market!

Volunteers are to our farmers' market what soil and sun are to the fruits and vegetables that draw us there-- only with them can we thrive, grow and sustain.

Our volunteers are most utilized for  assistance during our markets AND as crucial support within our new Young Gardeners after-school program. You can help set up the market on Sundays, welcome customers to the market on Thursdays, teach customers about the Fresh Bucks program, help during our Community Cooking classes, join us for events during ArtWalk, etc.

As a Young Gardeners volunteer, you can either become a part of our weekly after-school routine at Coastal Village Elementary as a Garden Team Leader,a weekly Waterer or simply show up on the monthly Community Work Days on the 3rd Saturday of every month! Learn more about Young Gardeners here.

Questions? Send us an email at volunteer@gofarmersmarket.com.

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What does a GOFM Volunteer do?

GOFM volunteers perform very important jobs:

  • provide assistance during Sunday or Thursday markets. A few hours every few months is all we need!

  • support the Young Gardeners program with either weekly, monthly or periodic volunteer hours.

  • assist with our Community Dinners by either preparing part of a meal or helping us serve! These occur on weekdays in the early evening.

  • assist during Community Cooking classes. You act as the sous chef and help set-up and clean-up before and after class. These occur on weekdays, typically midday or early evening.

You'll be contacted occasionally throughout the year with opportunities to sign-up for shifts, requests to lend a hand advertising a new event or campaign and --most fun of all--invitations to potlucks, happy hours and fun volunteer outings!

We have jobs suited to all abilities and many different interests, whether its putting your hands in the dirt, making meals or meeting new people! There's a place for everyone at GOFM.

Our volunteers are crucial to serving our community and keeping our market alive--thank you for your support, time and energy.


I look forward to the market every Sunday. There is no better way to start the week than with a fridge full of beautiful produce bought directly from the hard working hands that picked or produced these goodies.
— Erin D.